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We are a Family helping Each Other to Discover, Nurture and Apply our Gifts. We believe that any child without a Parent is an Orphan and Any believer without a HomeChurch is a Spiritual Orphan.
Baptism is Declaration of your Faith Publicly not just to members of the Church or your Family but those unseen spirits that you NOW fully belong to Jesus and you are bolding Declaring it.
Giving is ONLY for our Bawathit Members. You are not Required or Obligated to Give here on Internet on when you Visit us at our Campus. But you are feel led to Give here is the Info for you.
We are a Church family that love to Worship Together, Hear the Word and Eat Together. We will Make you Feel right at Home. Please do come and Visit us.
We are on Facebook and We are very Active there. When you visit our Facebook page please look around and don’t forget to join our Members Group as well.

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“We Will Do Anything Short of Sin to Reach People for Jesus. We are Committed to Train The Reached Ones to be Sent out to the Harvest Fields in Myanmar”